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The Wooden Peg: A Cocktail Must-Have

A wooden peg may be simple, but for a cocktail maker, it offers a lot. Mini wooden pegs are the perfect accessory for any cocktail, helping to display garnishes with ease, for cocktails that leave a lasting impression.

What can I use a wooden peg for?

Mini wooden pegs have various uses for cocktails, helping to transform them from average to inspiring. Some of their best uses include:

To display flowers and garnishes

One of the most popular uses for mini wooden pegs is to display flowers and garnishes, adding a little colour and detail to a cocktail. Using wooden pegs helps keep the garnish out of the cocktail itself, making it easy to remove if that’s what the drinker wants.

To add paper, cards or envelopes

Want to add a business card, a little note or even an envelope to your cocktails? Then use mini wooden pegs to keep your message in place. From brand messages to gifts, these simple additions can help you make the most of your cocktails, bringing some fun and excitement.



For those little additions

If you love to make your cocktails a little more theatrical, then wooden pegs can help keep those additions in place until they’re ready to be used. From pearls and glitter to herbs and fruit, you can elevate your cocktails and know that your trusty wooden peg will keep things in place.

And there you have it! What will you use your mini wooden pegs for?

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