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Turn Cocktails Into Art With Edible Cocktail Paints

Want to make your cocktails a little extra special? Let us introduce you to the concept of edible cocktail paints, the fun and easy way to add some colour to your cocktails and make them stand out.

What is edible cocktail paint?

Edible cocktail paint can be used to create different looks for your cocktails, adding colour and texture that will transform them from drab to fab. All of the products are edible, so you can unleash your creative side knowing that your masterpieces are safe for consumption.

How to use edible cocktail paints

Paint the glasses

The simplest way to use edible cocktail paints is to paint the glasses themselves. You can use edible cocktail paint to add features such as flags, flowers and more to create a stand-out look.

Paint ice cubes

Painting ice cubes adds something a little different to your drink. Enjoy a bit of colour that dissolves easily into the drink for a more memorable cocktail.

Use as a rimming adhesive

Edible cocktail paint also makes a fantastic adhesive for rimming sugar. Simply dip the glass in the edible paint, then dip in the edible glass rimming sugar for a simple effect.

Edible cocktail paints give you the chance to unleash your creativity and do more with your cocktails. What designs will you come up with?

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